About Wrapt


Wrapt About is the new way to give and receive great gifts. Save everything you love and would love gifted to you in the one place, browse your friends and family’s wish lists, and discover & share new gift inspiration so that you, and those you shop for receive the perfect gift, every time.

Our Mission

Our mission is to improve the way people give and receive gifts. If you’ve ever rushed to buy a last minute gift, or received a gift you know you’ll never use, maybe you can relate? We all have the best intentions when it comes to gifting, and yet so often, we miss the mark. The awkward ‘thaaaanks’ that can come with a gift that just isn’t quite right, is just one part of the problem. The other? A tonne (or rather thousands of tonnes) of unwanted and unused gifts ending up in landfill every year. With about $980 million worth of gifts being thrown out at Christmas time alone in Australia, getting the gift ‘wrong’ is a big waste for the environment, and our pockets!

Wrapt About was created to be your holistic gifting solution. We’ve tackled all the pains that surround gifting and created useful solutions to improve your gifting experience, from saving you time and money, to alleviating some of the stress that comes with picking that great gift for someone special in your life. And if you’re someone who’s received a few too many pairs of socks over the years, Wrapt About is here for you to centralise everything you love, in the one place. As we say here at Wrapt About HQ, “List and you shall receive”.

The Founder

Gabrielle established herself as an entrepreneur when she placed third at the Google for Startups ‘Techstars’ event in New York, 2019. Gabrielle’s drive has built her a progressive digital marketing career over the past 5 years, including working for Australia’s online beauty giant, Adore Beauty, before taking the leap to found Wrapt About. Backed by Australian Investors and supported by a growing team, Gabrielle is a proud young, female business owner that is just trying to save the world from bad gifting, one ugly pair of Christmas socks at a time.

Since founding Wrapt About, Gabrielle has been featured in the NYC Journal for “Top 30 Women Disruptors to look out for in 2021” as well as being interviewed in-studio at Ticker TV to discuss the journey of creating and launching her first start-up, Wrapt About.

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