6 Gifts that will get tails wagging this Christmas

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Our pets are part of the family. They fill our hearts with unconditional love and they make a house, a home. So it’s only right to pamper them with all the comforts and conveniences they may need. Here are some of favourite gift ideas for your furry friends, this Christmas.

Once upon a time; a collar, leash, fluffy bed and packet of Schmakos was pretty much the extent of pooch pampering. Unless they got the odd pink nail painting, courtesy of a younger sibling. Nowadays, the range of pet accessories available and the number of luxe pet brands popping up is endless.

It’s no coincidence that the rise in pet accessory retailers has come after the great lockdown-adoption of 2020 where the number of cats and dogs adopted was the highest seen in over a decade. After all, we were living during a time when every man and his (recently rescued) dog were spending more time at home and in need of both creature comforts and ways to avoid groundhog boredom.

So while we’ve all had to adjust to a new way of living, it’s our furry friends that deserve a little extra love and pampering, as they try to ease back into a more solitary, anxiety-prone daily life, sans hooman company. Here’s some of favourite pet gifts that are sure to get tails wagging this Christmas.

For the Doggo

1. Max Bone Life Jacket

While the weather says otherwise, summer should be just around the corner! So clear out the boot and make some space for your doggo’s new Max Bone Life Jacket. Available in 6 sizes with adjustable velcro closure, sturdy buckles and reflective stripes, your pooch will be able to enjoy their outdoor adventuring safely and comfortably.

2. Snooza – Jumbo Calming Cuddler

Is it just me or do you think when Snooza were designing their Jumbo Calming Cuddler, they must have had pet owners in mind, making it just big enough for us to hop on in there with our cuddly canines for an afternoon nap? The Snooza (apparently just for pets) is equal parts comfort and style, with a crowd pleasing dash of sustainability. From its luxe faux-fur design in 12 colour options, to its soft raised walls and Australian foam crumb & recycled PET plastic bottle filling, this Cuddler ticks all the boxes for both doggo and conscious-shopping owner.

3. With a fur wash like this, even scruffy will enjoy bath time! Enriched with lemon rind, tea tree and spearmint leaf extract, Animal by Aesop is a delicate wash that has been created with the same meticulous care as the rest of their two-legged range. It’s Australian made, cruelty-free and vegan, so you’ve got the no-puppies-were-harmed-in-the-making cruelty-free guarantee. Unless of course, ridding them of duck poo and river water smell is cruel…Sorry scruffy.

4. It’s almost a social faux-par not to match your pet’s harness and leash these days. Can our colour-blind dogs tell? No. Would they care even if they could tell? Probably not. But that’s all beside the point. While our furry friend should never be an accessory, I think it’s totally justified for their accessories to be our accessories. How else can we justify splurging on a matching trackie set that perfectly accompanies their new The Furry Nomad harness and Leash Walk kit!? With 6 stunning colours to choose from, and a nifty clip on poop bag carrier included, you’ll take on the poop-picking up task in stride. Speaking of stride, the no-pull harness is built with a soft cushion foam layer, for maximum comfort and ultimate ‘good girrrl’ walking.

For those fabulous felines.

5. We all know it’s tough getting a cat to enjoy their new toy more than the box it came in, but if anything will keep them amused more than folded cardboard, it’s the Hola 3-in-1 Interactive Cat Toy With three play modes including obstacle maze, crazy trackball and simulated hunting, this multi-purpose dome will keep Mr fluffles engaged, mentally stimulated and preoccupied from the taunting birds outside.

6. You can walk down almost any suburban street and spot the local cats sun-baking in front of their glass windows. Between the people (and bird) watching and the wind-free warmth of the sun, a window is an undeniable happy place for a cat. While some opt for the statuesque stand all day long, others seek great heights from which to perch and peer. That’ why we love the Lookout Window Cat Bed by Kazoo . With suction caps for easy installation and adjusting, and a sturdy hold of up to 20kg, this cat hammock is sure to provide some serious lounging hours.

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