Bright & Bold Home Decor that will make any room pop!

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It’s officially winter. And while the skies may not be beaming those rays of sunshine that lift our spirits, our home decor certainly still can!

And lucky for us, Home Decor in 2022 is all about bold colours and textures! Whether you’re a bit of a minimalist that enjoys neutral tones and just a dash of colour, or have more of an eclectic taste with colour popping from every corner of the room, there’s an endless range of items and styles for you to add some colour to any space needing a mood boost this season!


A kitchen with colour is a kitchen made for cooking… Or cocktail making if you’re like me and know your way around a shaker better than a wok. Either way, the kitchen is often a central space for friends and family to gather and a great place to add some vibrancy. Your pops of colour can shine through practical purchases such as a new kettle or casserole dish, or if you want to be mixing up the space more seasonally, vibrant table cloths and centrepiece flowers can quickly transform the room.

The lounge room often reflects the tone of the whole house. It’s where we spend a lot of time, and like the kitchen, it’s where our guests make themselves comfortable. From neon coffee table books and rainbow glass coffee tables, to plush plants and statement couches, there’s a million and one ways to brighten up your lounge room. Like any room, there’s pieces that will be more permanently assigned to the space, and others that can be interchanged or moved around the house, as your mood changes! For instance, I interchange my decorative cushions between the bedroom and lounge room, depending on the bedspread and throws I’m using at the time. Shuffling around your plants, or mixing up the plant holders (weave baskets, patterned sacks etc) can also add a new dimension to your living space.

Lounge Room


Rugs are a pretty fixed piece of decor, so it makes sense that there should be some careful consideration when picking the right rug for your home. But that doesn’t mean you need to opt for an oh-so-common beige or grey rug. A bright coloured rug can make a room totally pop! And it allows you to add other pieces of both muted and bright decor around the space to compliment it. Here are some of our favourite varieties.


Wall Art

Not only does a good piece of art make a room, it can be a worthwhile investment as well because Art doesn’t really go out of style like other decor items. This is partly because it comes down to such an individual taste but also because framed art can be displayed on its own if it’s a feature piece, or as a compilation with other pieces, and while you might have a theme flowing throughout, they certainly don’t have to match. Play around with showcasing your art in different spaces in the house and even changing up the frames can give a completely new look and feel.

Coffee Table Books

We’ve loved seeing these brightly coloured books pop up all over the place. Previously, it was the black and white designer books that were seen on any well dressed coffee table. Now it’s the Assouline range of destination books that everyone’s going crazy about, because, well just look at them! If you’re looking for some other brightly coloured coffee table books, search for books published about our favourite artists, interiors or chefs.

To sum it all up….

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